Whites - Anthocharis, Colotis & Zegris

All these species have one thing in common, some kind of orange tips to their wings.

White background colour

Female without orange tip, similar underside.

Widespread throughout Europe.

Male upperside and underside.

A female

Found in southern France, Italy, Spain, Portugal.

Not pictured.

Similar to belia. Male has black spot in cell (cf cardamines), underside of both sexes mottled like cardamines not barred like belia. Female with black tips.

Found in eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey etc.

Not pictured.

Like cardamines with faint yellow wash. Black bar across half of wing.

Found in eastern Europe, Greece, Turkey etc.

Anthocharis cardamines

Orange Tip

Anthocharis belia

Moroccan Orange Tip

Anthocharis damone

Eastern Orange Tip

Anthocharis gruneri

Gruner's Orange Tip

Not pictured.

Small red patch in dark wingtips.

Found in Spain.

Found in southern Spain

Zegris eupheme

Sooty Orange Tip

Colotis evagore

Desert Orange Tip





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